The Astro Author’s Guide on Motivation!

It’s officially 2020, and if you’re anything like the authors here at We Write Fantasy, you’re trying to make this your best writing year to date. It’s not always easy though, is it? You might start off the year with a bang, and the next thing you know, you’re months behind on that dreaded WIP. Don’t worry, it’s not just you. We all lose momentum from time to time. Even worse, sometimes we experience writer’s block.

Before you start banging your head against your desk, consider taking a step back. It’s time to refresh your inner creative spirit, get your butt back in that chair, and crank out those words! How, you may ask? Nothing speaks to your soul better than the right motivation. Read on to find out what works best for you.


The Astro Author’s Guide

Aries: The Original

As the first sign in the zodiac, you tend to hit the ground running. Your motto? Write first, edit later. But in a way, you’re like a firework Aries. You burn bright—and then burn out fast. The key to keeping your inner engine running is to keep up your strength. Get out your running shoes, turn up the music, and get some exercise. By the time you’re done, you’ll have worked out that scene that’s been bothering you and have come up with several new story ideas.


Taurus: The World-Builder

When your world doesn’t offer much inspiration, your stories tend to suffer. Since Venus is your ruler, look to the arts for sparks of creativity. Go to an art museum, watch your favorite films, or take up a new hobby. By refocusing your attention for a while, you’ll return to your writing a renewed sense of passion.


Gemini: The Linguist

You have a gift for ideas, Gemini. If only you didn’t have so much trouble following through with them. Being a mutable sign puts your nervous system in overdrive, which makes it difficult to stay focused. Do yourself a favor and give your mind a break. Ten to fifteen minutes of daily meditation will help you maintain the focus you need to finish that WIP.


Cancer: The Recluse

You are the ultimate caretaker, and you put that same energy into your writing. Like the doting mother, your books are your babies. Problems arise when you forget to care for yourself. Just like those oxygen masks on planes, you have to put yours on first before you can save anyone else. Feed your inner child. Play, dance around and remember to enjoy life. Once you take care of your needs, the words will flow seamlessly.


Leo: The Show-off

Let’s face it. You’re already the reigning king or queen, and you know it. You’re reading this now, thinking you’ve pretty much got things covered because creativity is embedded in your soul. Just like your ruler, the sun, you refuse to burn out. But also like your ruler, you need to respect your own sunset. This means SLEEP, Leo. The more rested you feel, the brighter you’ll shine.


Virgo: The Nit-Pick

Virgos tend to give rather than receive. More often than not, you find yourself busy helping others, instead of yourself. The key is to find what drives you, and to use that as constant motivation. Figure out what ignites your hunger and go after it with everything you have. Write down the big writing goals, the ones that seem too impossible to achieve. Put them on display to serve as a constant reminder of where you’re headed.


Libra: The Poet

It’s time to stop flipping through screens on your social media pages and clean up that writing space, Libra. The best motivator is a pretty environment, and for you, one that also doesn’t include distractions. Libra is the sign of the scales. The secret to getting through that your massive writing projects is in finding balance.


Scorpio: The Phoenix

The only approval you truly care about is your own, Scorpio. You’re your own biggest motivator. When you’re feeling down, the negative self-talk can take a toll. It’s time to clap yourself on the back, give yourself praise, and be your own cheerleader. The most important person in life already has your back—once you recognize this, you can turn that negative inner monologue into positive feedback.


Sagittarius: The Traveler

If you’re feeling stuck or unmotivated, chances are, you’re also stuck or unmotivated by life too. Your spirit needs to roam, Sagittarius. Get out of the house. Go for a walk. Take a long weekend and explore a new city. When you start to feel that sense of freedom you’re longing for, you’ll begin to feel it in your writing too.


Capricorn: The Producer

You always play by the rules, Capricorn. The trouble is, you’ve got too many of them. Your schedule is too rigid. Sure, you’re hitting your daily word counts, but are they good words? The best motivator for you is to get out of your own head for a while. Mixing it up can be worthwhile. Try writing outside for a change. Write the scene you’re thinking about rather than what’s next on the agenda. Your gut is useful, Capricorn, but only if you’re listening to it.


Aquarius: The Activist

You are the rebel of the zodiac, Aquarius. You were born to stand out, and that unique edge is proudly displayed in your writing too. But even rebels need to feel like they’re part of the group sometimes, like they’re working toward something bigger than themselves. Join a writer’s group and make some friends. Even the act of talking about writing with likeminded people will give you that solidarity you’re craving. Then you can return to your WIP with greater passion for it.


Pisces: The Chameleon

You tend to bring other people’s energies home with you. As they say, the best canvas is a blank one. When you bring emotional baggage to the table, you can’t create the masterpiece of your dreams. Make sure you have plenty of time to recharge each day. Meditate, take long baths, and shut the outside world off for a while. When you give yourself lots of love and self-care, you can transfer that energy into your WIP.



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