Writer’s Digest – Ask Our Authors

Welcome back to another Writer’s Digest! Before we dive in to today’s topic, we just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has followed We Write Fantasy. Our group of authors have been busy with books, life, and trying to stay afloat in these uncertain times. For some of us, 2020 forced us into a writing hiatus. Others barely slowed down, even if the chaos of this past year (including the first few months of ’21 lol) did its best to keep us under. … More Writer’s Digest – Ask Our Authors

Documentaries as Research

Soon, I’ll be drafting my first historical paranormal. It’s the story of a witch who has transcended time. Her contribution to the world? Bringing supernaturals to America. Not a straightforward story, especially when the main character existed before history’s dark ages. I found an unexpected resource in a History channel program—Ancient Aliens. The episode I … More Documentaries as Research

SF Benson: Using Ideas from Television

In the last post, I mentioned finding inspiration through documentaries. Today, I’ll show you how to create an actual story with that spark. Show: Two-hour Ancient Aliens Special on Artificial Intelligence Idea: Artificial Intelligence Gone Bad Wait! Hasn’t That Been Done Before? We all know that there aren’t any truly original thoughts in fiction. Right? … More SF Benson: Using Ideas from Television

Writing Hacks: Finding more time to write when you have a day job

So I suppose this isn’t so much a “how to improve your craft” post as it is a “how to improve your productivity/find more time to write” post. We’re all busy people. Most of us are adults with family, school, and work obligations outside of writing. For some of you, writing might be your full … More Writing Hacks: Finding more time to write when you have a day job