Worldbuilding in Action Part III SF Benson

Worldbuilding in Action (Part III) In my previous posts, I’ve discussed how I’m building the world for Justice in the Shadows—a dark vigilante novel by my alter ego, Nadirah Foxx. So far, I have created the Liberty City Police Department and City Center—located in the heart of the city. Other areas that I included on … More Worldbuilding in Action Part III SF Benson

Conflict & Characters

Recently, I began reading Writing with Emotion, Tension, & Conflict by Cheryl St. John. It’s part reference and part textbook for learning the techniques needed to craft an expressive and compelling novel. Her first chapter launches with the concept of conflict. What exactly is conflict? You know it when you see it. I like to … More Conflict & Characters

Documentaries as Research

Soon, I’ll be drafting my first historical paranormal. It’s the story of a witch who has transcended time. Her contribution to the world? Bringing supernaturals to America. Not a straightforward story, especially when the main character existed before history’s dark ages. I found an unexpected resource in a History channel program—Ancient Aliens. The episode I … More Documentaries as Research

SF Benson: Using Ideas from Television

In the last post, I mentioned finding inspiration through documentaries. Today, I’ll show you how to create an actual story with that spark. Show: Two-hour Ancient Aliens Special on Artificial Intelligence Idea: Artificial Intelligence Gone Bad Wait! Hasn’t That Been Done Before? We all know that there aren’t any truly original thoughts in fiction. Right? … More SF Benson: Using Ideas from Television