Writing Hacks: Where Ideas Come From

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A reader recently asked me about finding inspiration and ideas, and I’ve been thinking about it since. Coming up with story ideas has never really been a problem for me–I have more Books I Want to Write than time possible to do it. But all of us are different, and our processes are each our own. Over the years, I’ve seen a plethora of posts on the subject, and tons of tricks to bring the inspiration. Below are just a few, and I’d love to hear any you’ve found helpful on your writing journey.

Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are everywhere these days. When you’re stuck for ideas, a quick internet search can set you on a wild writing session capable of sparking your imagination and taking you in directions you’d never normally go. I challenge you to do a search now and not get inspired. To get further out of your comfort zone, try a writing prompt generator. Or, check out Pinterest prompts, which often include photos of characters or images to set the scene. There’s also an app for that: Brainsparker.

Writing Prompt_

Do Something That Gets You Out of Your Head

So often, I come up with my best plot hole solutions in the shower. Why? Because I’m not thinking about it. I’m finally relaxing, letting the problem go, and my brain has the space it needs to create solutions. Take a walk, breathe fresh air, and let the ideas come to you without force.


Immerse Yourself in the Genre

To find inspiration, watch your favorite movies, read your favorite books, or try something new in the genre you want to write in. Let those works influence and encourage you toward your goal. Find what you love about them, why it is that you want to create something that has a similar effect, and go forth with that motivation in mind. Write the book you’d want to read. Create more of what you love.

Createmoreofwhat youlove

Letting Yourself Write

A lot of beginners message authors stressed out because they can’t create some new, unique, brilliant, amazing, undeniable plot. They are waiting for inspiration to strike, assuming that only the best idea can be written, that everything else is a waste of time. They couldn’t be more wrong. Writing isn’t an innate talent. It’s a skill. And skills are perfected by practice. It’s wonderful if you have the perfect idea, but when you don’t, write anyway.

Commit to a

What inspires you to creative freedom? Share your thoughts & don’t forget to comment and like below!


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