FantasyforChristmas19 Grand Finale!

    a magical recap   December 1st: Launch   December 2nd: Rebecca Belliston – Heart of Red, Blood of Blue Find the Book:  Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository Snippet from the Excerpt (find the full post here): The blood. How I wish I could forget the blood. Or the way Jerrik looked up at me, so betrayed. As if I … More FantasyforChristmas19 Grand Finale!

A Writer’s Journey ~ Back in the Habit

Before we dive into this month’s “journey” feature, I just wanted to thank everyone who has contributed, read and helped support We Write Fantasy. A group of my fellow fantasy authors came together over our love of the genre. We also wanted a place where we could help inspire our fellow writers, whether you’re published or … More A Writer’s Journey ~ Back in the Habit

A Writer’s Journey ~ Online Intervention

Last week on my personal blog, I shared my struggles with basically managing my life around family, my online job and writing. Since it resonated with so many of my readers and fellow entrepreneurs, I wanted to repost here today. The following may contain words my fellow procrastinators will not want to acknowledge. Something that’s come to … More A Writer’s Journey ~ Online Intervention