Writing Hacks: Writing Resources

Not so long ago, finding information on writing and publishing involved a lot more searching and a lot less learning. These days the web is brimming with excellent advice and resources on everything from grammar to print on demand. You can find tutorials on YouTube, motivational calendars, support groups, charts/graphs/tracking apps, and just about anything … More Writing Hacks: Writing Resources

Conflict & Characters

Recently, I began reading Writing with Emotion, Tension, & Conflict by Cheryl St. John. It’s part reference and part textbook for learning the techniques needed to craft an expressive and compelling novel. Her first chapter launches with the concept of conflict. What exactly is conflict? You know it when you see it. I like to … More Conflict & Characters

Writing Hacks: Creating Three-Dimensional Villains

I love stories that showcase the antagonist’s point of view. It gives readers an opportunity to know where they are coming from. Granted, some antagonists are truly twisted people and getting a glimpse into their minds can be disturbing. But, say, in the case of a lot of thrillers or horror stories, this “chill down … More Writing Hacks: Creating Three-Dimensional Villains