Writing Hacks: The 5 Things Your Website Needs to Do

If a reader lands on your website, by mistake or with purpose, give them a message that is clear on a landing page that is clean, professional, and brand appropriate.


5 Things Your Website Needs to Do

  1. Sell your books. If someone is searching you out, they’re probably looking for your series order or what other titles you might have written. Don’t disappoint your readers and lose a potential sale. Have at least a button or tab listing clearly and prominently BOOKS that allows them to find what they’re looking for.
  2. Link your books. Okay, this is basically also selling them, but you need to make it as easy as possible for the purchaser. Include links to every site your book is available and be clear about where else it can be found (local libraries, independent booksellers, etc.).
  3. Promote your next title. Always include a COMING SOON tab, or a home page feature on your upcoming releases. Readers want to know what’s new, and every time they land you have a brief opening to show them.
  4. Build your audience. This is the age of social media, and any chance you have to build your following at the reader’s most convenient outlet is worth grabbing. Post icons or a list of your social media sites, newsletter signups, your blog, or any other way you gather your fans. Make it simple for them to be updated with book and release news.
  5. Make contact. Include a contact form somewhere on your website, because there are in fact genuine reasons someone will need it. Don’t lose an opportunity by not being reachable.
Have a landing page that gives the viewer easy options to find what they’re after: What you’ve written, what you’re writing next, how to reach you, and where to buy.
Always include a series reading order and list of other available titles somewhere on your site.

Watch for upcoming posts on website design here at We Write Fantasy, a blog written by fantasy authors for writers, readers, and lovers of all things fantastical. We live for storytelling, so please feel free to connect by sharing, commenting, or following.





4 thoughts on “Writing Hacks: The 5 Things Your Website Needs to Do

  1. Oh my goodness, I need to tweak my “coming soon” page! Lol, really I just need to include my future books-in-series on my homepage. I have sort-of done this on my site, but need to make it clearer. Thanks for sharing Mel! I LOVE your webpage btw. It really is perfect now and easy to navigate.

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