Books We Love – Our Favorite May Reads

While our crew loves fantasy, we also read other genres as well. Something every author will tell you is to read. Read more than you write and don’t limit yourself to one genre. A few of us, while we write mostly fantasy, are huge science fiction, mystery and historical fiction nerds. As several of us were busy with publishing and continuing education, our May list is pretty eclectic. Check out a few of our recommendations below:

Melissa Wright is Reading:

Since K.D. Jones recommended it last month 😉

Kate Avery Ellison Read:


Melissa McShane Read:

Trixie Belden Mysteries


Jennifer Silverwood is reading:


K.D. Jones Read:


Belle Malory is Reading:



What books did you read in May or are still reading? Since you’re here, you obviously love fantasy as much as we do, but is there another genre you love to read even more? Let’s talk books in the comments below!


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