New Release from Melissa McShane!

Love fractured fairy tales and retellings? Melissa McShane, author of The Book of Secrets and Crown of Tremontane delivers one fascinating fun ride in her new collection, Warts and All!

Warts and All

A Fairy Tale Collection


Beginner witch Chloe has a problem. There’s a frog in her tub who says he used to be a man. Worse, his memory is slipping away from him. Magic doesn’t work, so there’s only one way she can think of to turn him back—but can she bring herself to do it?

And that’s only the beginning of her challenges…

In these eleven short fairy tale retellings, including “Little Red Riding Hood,” “The Frog Prince,” and “The Bremen Town Musicians,” follow the adventures of Chloe and her family as they fall into one fairy tale after another.



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About the AuthorMelissa McShane


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