Books We Love – Our Favorite Spring Reads

As we shift gears from Spring towards Summer, our bookish tribe wanted to share our favorite recent reads. Our list, much like our authors, is a fun mix & match of genres, some reviewed but all well-loved. Not all of us have had time to read as much as we would like. Still, an important part of writing is reading. As they say, you are who you hang out with, you write like you read. The books we read influence us in a number of ways. Let’s talk books! What are you reading?

Morgan Wylie is reading:


Melissa Wright has been listening to:


Belle Malory is reading:


Jennifer Silverwood is re-reading:



Jenn’s Thoughts: I absolutely love Robert Jordan and his Wheel of Time Series. Backstory: I started reading these books in high school and fell in love with the sheer depth of Jordan’s saga. And when I say saga, I mean saga. This is one of those stories you better be prepared to get lost in. If you read like me, you’ll want to jump straight into the next in-series. Like I said before, I started this series in high school, and over the years, re-started it again and again. Main reason? Either because I didn’t have the next book available, or it had been so long since I last read the first books, I felt like I needed to re-read just to catch up again. I honestly can’t say how many times I’ve read the first book Eye of the World, but I love it even more than I did before. I started re-reading this series at the beginning of the year. The hardbacks are literal door stoppers, and so much fun to read. The plan is to keep reading these until I finally finish the series this year.

Oh yeah, remember how I mentioned not having the next book? Well as some of you know, Robert Jordan passed away before he could finish this series. There was quite a panic in the fandom that we’d never get to see what happened to Rand, Egwene and co., much like people now fear G.R.R. Martin may leave his ASOIAF fans hanging. Thankfully Brandon Sanderson stepped up to the challenge of finishing Jordan’s original outline. Knowing I can read straight through to the end is the main reason I decided to embark on this adventure in the first place. Also, a good lesson to keep in mind #forwriters. Readers like knowing they can read start to finish, even other authors. 😉 Happy reading #fantasyavengers!


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