SF Benson: Finding Inspiration

I’m a huge fan of the History Channel. In my opinion, it should be required viewing for anyone who enjoys learning about global history. But did you know it could act as fodder for fiction?

How Did I Make This Discovery?

One night I sat down to watch television, but all of my favorite shows were repeats so I flipped over to the History Channel. An episode of Ancient Aliens was airing.

Now, I’m not a huge believer of little green men invading Earth, but the topic that evening sounded like a good idea for speculative fiction.

How Can A TV Show Spark Creativity?

Watch with no type of agenda—just sit back and open your mind.

That’s what I did as I watched each previously aired episode. I saw scientists and archaeologists postulate theories about artificial intelligence, architecture aided by celestial beings, etc. It was fascinating how they played what if? (one of my favorite things to do) with commonly believed concepts. Nothing was spared, including the Bible.

I invite you to watch any nonfictional program to ignite your creativity. You may need to view a few episodes before ideas start to form. I suggest you watch the show in its entirety before you search for your notebook (You do have one for ideas, right?).

Will Any Program Work?

It really depends on your genre. I’ve had ideas come from the Investigative Discovery (ID) Channel. If you don’t know, the shows are all about true crimes. My alter ego writes romantic suspense so the ID Channel is very helpful.

Other channels that might spark your creative juices? The Travel Channel, Science, NatGeo, Discovery, and AHC (American Heroes Channel). These are my go-to networks. You might find others that suit you better. Check for apps to allow you to watch on mobile devices. No, they’re not books, but remember you’re still fueling your creative mind.

If you stay receptive, I guarantee that you may find a nugget of an idea. It all depends on your chosen genre. Give it a try! I dare you.

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