Introducing Descendants Academy by Belle Malory

Descendants Academy

by Belle Malory

Genre: YA Fantasy

Magic. Monsters. Super sexy gladiators.

Welcome to Arcadia, where bloodlines are divided and power reigns supreme.

It all starts after I try to kill my sister…

I know, I know. What a terrible thing to do. I have issues, okay? The magical kind. AKA, I’m cursed.

I’m also a descendant of Ares, the God of War. Except he wasn’t really a god, just a regular dude with supernatural powers.

Since my family no longer trusts me, they ship me off to Arcadia, or the academy for descendants. Full of booby traps, plotting professors, and conniving students, this place is not for the faint of heart. This one gladiator, Xander, is sort of, almost nice to me, but even he wants to keep our friendship or whatever it is a secret.

The worst part?

In order to manage my violent bloodlust, the Fates decide I’m better off in House Aphrodite. Yep, the Goddess of Love. Eck. My soul craves something more, something fierce, and love magic is not it.

If I’m going to survive this place, there’s a lot I need to learn. Starting with figuring out where I belong.

Choose a side.
Choose a house.
Choose a magic.

Descendants Academy is a Young Adult Fantasy series with a slow-burn romance. There is some mild violence and swearing. This is Book One of three: Descendants Academy, Deviant Descendants (September 2020), and Eternal Descendants.

Dive into the world of the Descendants today!

Book Two Now Available for Pre-Order!



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