The Astro Author’s Guide

Today we’re excited to feature the gifted Belle Malory, Author of The Twelfth Keeper Series and Wanderlove. You can learn more about her books and writing at her blog- here. Below, Belle shares a sneak peek at her astrology guide for authors. Look yours up and share your thoughts in the comments below!

The Astro Author’s Guide


Aries: The Original

Aries writers burst onto the scene, charting in brand new territory. Afraid to go there? Afraid to say that? Aries writers aren’t. They give us our epic heroes, our knights in shining armor. They love battles and fighting and blunt, razor-sharp words. Offend them? They will cut you down so hard and fast you won’t know what hit you. How to spot an Aries author? They have supreme focus. They’re usually at a traditional desk, earbuds in as they work. Don’t try talking to them either. They have tunnel-vision during the writing process and you don’t want to step in their line of fire.

My famous Aries pick: Toss-up. Hans Christian Anderson (I mean, the guy practically invented fairy tales) and Tom Clancy.  


Taurus: The World-Builder

Have you ever read a book and felt so immersed in the world that it came to life? Was the background imagery so detailed you felt as if you dived into the story? You were probably reading a Taurus author. They are all about structure. From Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter (structure of words), to the way the Daphne du Maurier makes Manderley come alive in Rebecca (structure of imagery), you can feel the bones of a Taurus’s work. How to spot a Taurus author? They’re usually in their PJs with their favorite snack somewhere nearby.

My famous Taurus pick: William Shakespeare. Close second goes to Charlotte Bronte.


Gemini: The Linguist

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the communicator of the zodiac. There is no sign more skilled with words. Their downfall? They may be a little too wordy. Geminis are witty, smart, and brimming with ideas. They like to keep up with trends and make pop culture references. Sometimes they use their writing to take a stand (Harriet Beecher Stowe, anyone?) But by the time they’ve expressed one idea, they’re already moving onto the next. Their superpower? Since they’re easily distracted, they’re pros at multi-tasking. They can write with music playing, the TV going, or any number of other things.

My famous Gemini pick: Ugh, this is a hard one. There are so many! I guess it would have to be Anne Frank.


Cancer: The Recluse

Our deep-thinking Cancer authors created the vision of the “writer’s cave”. They have their favorite cushy recliner with soft blankets and a cup of hot tea waiting next to them before they begin writing. Cancers are our hermits. Our sensitive, troubled souls. Our dark romantics. But they also can dig beneath the surface like no other sign. When a Cancer is writing, they are looking for a piece of themselves within their work. Sometimes, it only takes one great work, and then they are done.

My famous Cancer pick: Ernest Hemingway


Leo: The Show-off

Out of all the signs, Leo is my favorite. In an astrological birth chart, Leo rules the fifth house. This is the house of creativity. Leos have it in spades. They don’t just write for small reasons. They write to create that big, epic story. The one you talk about for ages. They want to be known as the reigning king or queen of their genre. And guess what? They have fun while doing it. In fact, you can spot the Leo author by the big, silly smile on their face that forms as they’re working.

My famous Leo pick: J.K. Rowling. Nuff said.


Virgo: The Nit-Pick

Also ruled by Mercury, Virgo has a way with words. Virgos are my second favorite authors. I have to hand it to them. They are better writers than most because they pay attention to detail. Ever read a story where you thought something was insignificant in the beginning, only to find out later on it had deeper meaning? Virgos have the ability to do that with every word. They are amazing at connecting every little piece of their story, intertwining it into one complex work. Sometimes a twisted, gruesome work. But amazing and intelligent, nonetheless. How to spot a Virgo author? Their desks are neatly organized with different color pens for individual tasks, a thousand Post-It notes, and labeled files for each character.

My famous Virgo pick: George RR Martin


Libra: The Poet

Ruled by Venus, Libras bring beauty to everything they touch, including literature. In real life, Libras are known for being impartial, and sometimes a tad superficial because they’re people pleasers. When they’re writing, all of that fades away. They can get to the root of someone’s psyche in a surprising, beautiful way. When a Libra writes, they are literally creating a work of art. How to spot one? Their writing space will have designer charm. Inspiring quotes hang from the walls, and decorative pillows adorn their reading nook. Also, their phone will be at their side at all times. If they’re out, they might use it to jot down something that inspired them.  

My famous Libra pick: F. Scott Fitzgerald


Scorpio: The Phoenix

Scorpios approach writing with an unmatched intensity. They are masters at taking from personal experience and translating it to fiction. They can take something dark and painful and transform it into something magical. Or they’ll take their fears and show you something even more frightening (think Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale) When a Scorpio writes, they are trying to make sense of their own existence. They want to transcend. It’s how they cope. How to spot one? They are the writers that can pull all-nighters. They work with passion and concentration until they crash. They’ll shut everything and everyone out until they work out the demons inside them. Once it’s over, they’ll sleep for days, hopefully changed by the process.

My famous Scorpio pick: Neil Gaiman


Sagittarius: The Traveler

When you read a Sagittarius’s work, you will feel as if you are on a journey. Their stories take you on adventures, help you to escape, and meet incredible characters. Many Sagittarius authors are also known for using satire. This is because they are skilled at showcasing a humorous view of life. Ruled by Jupiter, the good luck planet, Sagittarius can find humor in anything. Where to find one? Sagittarius authors don’t like to write in the same place. One day it will be at their desk, the next in Starbucks, and the next, in a park.

My famous Sagittarius pick: Toss-up. Jane Austen and Mark Twain.


Capricorn: The Producer

In today’s current need-the-next-book now market, the Capricorns are the ones to beat. These are the steady churners of prose. They know how to crank out the next book like no other because they have the formula down to a science. They are pros at self-editing and proofing. Ambitious and headstrong, their work echoes that mentality in the form of strong, rich characters. They create characters who overcome huge obstacles, who learn great life lessons and persevere in the end. How to spot this author? They won’t be caught wasting time, dilly-dallying. They’ll be too busy churning out the next bestseller.

My famous Capricorn pick: Toss-up. Edgar Allen Poe and Mary Higgins Clark


Aquarius: The Activist

Weird. Eccentric. Different. An Aquarius is so hard to label because they don’t like labels. There is a certain quality to their work that connects them though. They usually showcase large groups of people or problems in current society. The Aquarius author doesn’t just want to create. They want to change the world. They are our pioneers, our freethinkers, our radicals, our weirdos. They’re out to make waves, to create movements, to make change for the better of humanity. Much like the Gemini, they are super intelligent, which gives them the ability to work in the middle of chaos. They’ll be the ones calling or texting you to get ideas, music playing in the background, books and papers scattered around them.

My famous Aquarius pick: Lewis Carroll


Pisces: The Chameleon

This is my sign. You know you’re reading a Pisces’s work when you’ve become so involved in a story you don’t know where your emotions end and the MC’s begins. Pisces authors are our introverts, our sensitive souls, our escape artists. When a Pisces writes, they’re looking to become their work. To live life as the characters in their heads. Writing is truly healing for the Pisces author because it allows them time to recharge. As much as they love music and TV, they appreciate dark, quiet solitude where there are no other people around. If they could write in the bathtub, with candles going, they would. Otherwise, they like to do it in their bedrooms, where they feel the most secure, locking out the rest of the world.

My famous Pisces pick: Dr. Suess

We Write Fantasy Feature Graphics & Profiles (1)Read more about Belle’s love of the stars in her action-packed series, The Twelfth Keeper. Share some love for this stellar post in the comments below 🙂 Thanks for your continued support for our little corner of the web.




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  1. Yep, I am definitely a brooding hermit cancer crab lol… (she writes as she drinks a cup of tea) Thanks for sharing this with us Belle! So much brilliant thought put into this! So true and wild how we’re connected to the stars like that. 🙂

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