Books We Love – Our Favorite October Reads

This week we’re sharing a mix of books we’ve recently read, alongside books we’re currently reading. Not all of us have had time to read as much as we would like. Tis the season to keep busy after all. While all of us write fantasy, we also read across genres. First, because we love books, regardless of their tropes (often because of them). Second, while we tend to categorize our novels, not every book easily fits into one slot. Sometimes we break borders and borrow elements from horror, suspense and of course, romance. No matter what, we are what we read. đŸ˜‰ The books we read and love influence in a number of ways. Let’s talk books! What are you reading?

Jennifer Silverwood is reading:



Jenn’s Thoughts: Something I love about Diana Gabaldon is how she tells a good story. She isn’t stuck in linear writing or the historical genre. She writes as she feels, and there’s a big reason it continues to sell. I started reading Outlander before watching the TV show. Since then I’ve watched the first half season and figured it time to pick up Dragonfly in Amber. Bonus points to me for actually borrowing this from the library, versus my Kindle đŸ˜‰


Susan Burdorf Read:


Kate Avery Ellison is re-reading:


also loved:



Melissa Wright listened to:



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