Cover Reveal: Toil and Trouble

Introducing Toil and Trouble, a Havenwood Falls shared world novella coming April 26, 2019


Circe is a witch. Everyone says so. Her powers have yet to manifest, but even if they did, an ancient curse prohibits her from using them. She’s also an orphan, and the coven who raised her reminds her of both every day. Lest she fall in love and very bad things soon follow.

Yearning for a break from the coven’s rituals and meddling, Circe strikes out on her own in Havenwood Falls, far away from the constant reminders that someone wants her blood.

Evan is that someone. He’s a shifter—a truth he’s hidden his entire existence, and the single reason a council of mages hired him. And now, thanks to an unfortunate and binding deal, Evan has been charged with locating Circe. He should have dealt with her ages ago, but he keeps finding excuses not to. And it’s not only that he doesn’t trust the council’s motives, or that he has no interest in kidnapping an innocent girl.

This job is all he needs to resolve his bargain, yet Evan can’t seem to follow through.

When the council tires of waiting, they take matters into their own hands. And Evan must make the call: step out of the shadows to save her, or keep his own skin.

Check out the world of Havenwood Falls with these titles from so many amazing authors:

Havenwood Falls is a shared world, not a series, so feel free to read the stories in any order. Toil and Trouble will be part of the Signature series (New Adult/Adult Paranormal Fantasy), but the world also includes Havenwood Falls High (YA Paranormal Fantasy), Havenwood Falls Legends (Historical Paranormal Fantasy), and Sin & Silk (The Sexier Side of Havenwood Falls). 

Sub-genres include paranormal romance, contemporary fantasy, supernatural suspense, mystery, and more–including shifters, witches, vampires, angels, sirens, gargoyles, curses, magic, and the constant conflict you might expect in a town populated with supernaturals.

Find out more at or Preorder at Amazon and iTunes

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