New Release from Ellery St. James

Introducing The Vampire’s Heir by Ellery St. James:

Alexandria Martin is just trying to scrape together enough money to pay for her sister’s surgeries when a mysterious relative she didn’t know she had appears in her kitchen one morning and makes her an offer. He wants to formally adopt her and make her heir to his fortune.

Although a thousand alarm bells are ringing in her head, Alex agrees to consider his offer and live as his daughter for a day–since he promises $5,000 if she’ll consider it–and then use that money to help her sister.

Alex finds herself swept into a glittering world of immortals and danger. A world of billionaire vampires, family curses, and deadly human spies. Because as it turns out, her mysterious, multi-millionaire benefactor is a vampire. A vampire with expensive cars, opulent houses (that’s right, plural), and access to the fanciest and most exclusive clubs and restaurants in the city.

Just when she thinks she understands the world she’s stumbled into, Alex is contacted by a member of SUN, an anti-vampire organization devoted to the dismantling of the vampire syndicate. SUN wants her to accept the offer and work as a spy for them.

Suddenly, everything has become much more complicated.

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About the Author

Ellery St. James loves dark chocolate truffles, steampunkish conservatories full of tropical plants, and masquerade balls. She writes other books under another name, but this is her first vampire novel.

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