Worldbuilding in Action Part II SF Benson

Worldbuilding in Action (Part II)

In my last post, I was discussing how I was building the world for Justice in the Shadows—a dark vigilante novel by my alter ego, Nadirah Foxx.

My main character, Kelsie King, is a computer analyst for the Liberty City Police Department. She works in the cyber crime division.

Liberty City Police Department

As a fan of DC Comics’ Arrow and The Flash, I know I want a precinct that has more of a small town feel with modern elements. What I don’t want was an exact replica of what has already been done.

Here are my requirements for the police station:

  1. Interrogation rooms with visible cameras and virtual computers. Think of it as Iron Man meets the 21st-century detective show. Whenever an officer or detective needs to look up information, he or she could swipe a hand over a surface (table or wall) and the computer would appear.
  2. Holding cells with plexiglass walls and doors. No bars, but there’ll be openings within the doors to allow someone to slide in a tray if needed.
  3. The Police Chief’s office is centrally located with plexiglass walls and door. He or she  can keep an eye on the entire set-up.
  4. A reception desk at the front door with a security set-up. Visitors have to wait before gaining entry into the main precinct. A sliding glass door allows them to enter.
  5. The exterior of the building is a weathered reddish brick with a set of plain concrete steps leading up to glass doors. On the side of the structure, facing the street, is a sign with Liberty City Police Department in blue neon on a silver backdrop.

City Center

All Liberty City services—police, fire, and city hall—are located in what’s known as City Center. The only structure to appear modernized is City Hall. The glass and steel building has four stories and is in the middle of the block. The LCPD is to the right and the LCFD is on the left. The hospital is a few blocks away to the west.

Mapping Liberty City

Next, I wanted to create a visual for the town. I had to know where the bad neighborhood(s) were along with the nicer areas. Since my main character works for the Liberty City Police Department (LCPD), I needed to know where it was located too.

So, I looked up the name Liberty to get a map. For me, the layout of Liberty, Texas seemed to work.

You’re looking at a small picture of Liberty City. Let’s take a closer look:

 This sector of town contains City Center—the location for all city services—along with the hospital. South of City Center is the Business District and Downtown. For the most part, crime is confined to the Downtown area and East Liberty City aka Shady Corners:

The official name for the neighborhood is Shade Land,   but the locals prefer Shady Corners. It sums up what life is really like there.

I placed a commuter airport and the Warehouse District to the north. On the west side of Liberty City are nicer homes and Liberty Heights (the burbs). Finally, just beyond Downtown are upscale apartments and homes.

My main character lives in Liberty Heights. Her husband’s cybersecurity company, Sentinel Security, is in the Business District.

What’s Next?

I’ll need to construct Liberty City Memorial Hospital, Sentinel Security—which will become home base for my main character and her team, and determine where other public buildings areas will be located.

My next posts will give you a glimpse at the process.

Until then…

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